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Artes Construction was incorporated in 1973. Our company, undersigning numerous successful projects since its incorporation date, continues to render services on the basis of a principle that never compromises the target of success.       

Artes Construction has established its vision as completion of each project on time that it has undertaken with a definition of success and by keeping up with changing technology within an innovative, enterprising and dynamic system with productive and experienced employees sharing the company’s principles, without compromising quality.

In addition to the numerous successful projects realized throughout Turkey,

Artes Construction is equipped with tools, equipment, know-how experience and personnel of specialization in their related fields required to realize the production and designing works abroad also. The projects realized by our company up to date and those in progress are of outstanding quality to represent our country and our sector both inland and abroad.

And also Artes Construction is accredited with ISO 9001 -14001 and OHSAS 18001 Quality Certificates.

Our personal consisting of people who have previously played active role and successfully finalized in numerous projects of importance, contribute greatly to our essential quality with their superior experience and knowledge accumulation in their respective disciplines



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